Série de conférences de « Designed Landscapes ». Le jeudi 7 février 2019.

 » It is not news that our cities are dissolved, fragmented, globalized. Acknowledging the world’s near complete human pervasion, the resultant high degree of turbulence between nature and culture requires new perspectives. The garden stands at the interface of these readjustments, as a cultural topos. Yet, it has all but vanished from the professional discourse in landscape architecture.

The garden that I’m interested in is not as a typology or an enclosed space—the motific hortus conclusus is cut off from the world, it is decided upon, solved, benignly encased. I’m interested in the garden as a contemporary cultural realm in which our urban realities and relations to the environment become tangible, and where space and process become workable. My understanding of garden represents a palpable reality of nature within the urban landscape. Such nature does not constitute an opposition to the city, but is essentially part of it, a nature that is integrated in and culturally interwoven with the city, a nature that includes humans, their curiosity and knowledge. Designing with it is about conceptualizing its complex presence, about discovering and utilizing it for our urban lives.

The recovery and widened reactivation of the term could well be a tool and the garden simultaneously a field of work where landscape architecture, urbanism, architecture, art, and many more disciplines converge. This garden is, so to say, for all to work on.  »

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